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Thursday and Friday 12 course menu, $124 per person wine pairing $72

Saturday and Sunday 7 course menu, $84 per person wine pairing $45

Our 7 course menu format does not change, but the menu changes with the seasons.

Our 12 course menu is an ever evolving menu that starts with snacks and ends with treats.

Dietary Restrictions- there is not a separate menu for any dietary restrictions, any item can be omitted from the menu.


Sample 7 Course Menu

cream of broccolini

garden slaw, balsamic, herbs


confit leeks and cucumbers, sea beans, black garlic


summer corn, black truffle, pea shoots, veal jus

crispy duck confit

wild mushrooms, shiso, truffle jus        

nectarine sorbet

carbonated nectarine kimchi, sabayon


manchego-sheep, garroxta-goat, flagship reserve-cow, 

blueberry jam, brioche

peach ice cream

oatmeal streusel, candy cap mushroom sugar

canele de bordeaux


Sample 12 Course


tsar nicoulai golden osetra caviar, panna cotta

shima aji, sea buckthorn, shiso

uni, chocolate feuillatine, herbs 


cream of broccolini, garden slaw, balsamic


brioche, cherry jam, black truffle    

scallop, confit leeks, sea beans, preserved lemon


polenta, hens egg, corn, veal jus

crispy duck confit,  wild mushrooms, truffle jus


nectarine sorbet, carbonated nectarine kimchi, nitro sabayon


basque cheesecake, oatmeal streusel, idiazabal-sheep  



peach ice cream, cucumber compote

beignet, swiss meringue, salted caramel

canele de bordeaux


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